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Our Komatsu Products

Engine Products

Piston Ring, Cylinder Liner, Engine Bearing, Gasket, Piston, Connecting Rod, Crankshaft, Engine Valve, Oil Pump, Water Pump and other engine parts from the best brands as DAİDO, NDC, LLE, SANZ, GENMOT, SANWA, TBK, NPR, RİK, TP, JCMC, OOZX FUJİ, HTK, SUDO, NİPPON

Sealing Products

O-Ring, Seal, Gasket, Repair Kit and other sealing products from the best brands as NOK, SUDO, WYS, NIPPON, NDK 

Pump & Pump Parts

Hydraulic Pump, Hydraulic Parts, Gear Pump, Oil and Water Pump and other pump parts…

Electrical Products

Sensor, Switch, Alternator, Starter, Starting Switch, and other Electrical parts…

Other Products

Bearing, Transmission Parts, Brake Parts, Filters, Hose, Spring, Valve, Compressor, Thermostat, İnjector, Fuel Pump etc.

All Products

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Why Us?

Reliable Brands

We offer the most reliable brands of the sector to your service with a wide product range.

Qualified Parts

We provide smooth spare parts with the authorized distributorship of many important brands.


We provide many OEM products much more affordable prices than the original.

Wide Stock

We always meet your needs with the widest range of Turkey.

30 Years Experience

We serve you with 30 years of knowledge and experience in the sector.


We supply and deliver many spare parts quickly from stock.

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